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Loaves of


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"Now I get it!" is what people often say when doing Jewish study Torah at Chabad of
Would you like to experience this innovative presentation of traditional Judaism, designed to be meaningful, intellectually rigorous and highly accessible? It’s a two-way street—so don’t
be surprised if your questions spark a whole new interpretation!

Don’t you love the aroma of freshly baked Challah? So do we, and so do the seniors we visit with Loaves of Love each week, bringing that irresistible warmth to people who need it most.
Do you have a friend or parent nearby feeling lonely and in need of a friendly visit? Let us
know and we’ll make sure they receive a home-baked Challah and Lots of Love today!

How do you find your dream preschool? Perfect hours? The shining eyes and smiling faces
of children fully engaged with learning?

No need to look further than Pike Jewish Preschool, your child’s home away from home in
the heart of Rockville! Experienced, warm-hearted professional staff motivate and nurture your
child to be an independent and creative thinker and to love learning—all within the context of
Jewish life!

Call us, Rabbi Moishe Kavka at 301-836-1242 or Esther Kavka at 301-836-1402

Or email us, at rabbi@chabadrockville.org or esther@pikejewishpreschool.org