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Chabad House

Turn an ordinary Friday Night into a Shabbat Experience! At our Chabad House you'll enjoy a traditional Shabbat dinner, get to socialize, and share or hear a Jewish thought, all - in the company of Jewish friends and neighbors. Of course, you'll love seeing how the Rabbi does Shabbat with his little kids, that's pretty cool too! It's time to pause and do something fun and different this week. You'll love it!

Shabbat Dinner.jpg

Sure celebrating the Holidays with family is important, but what could celebrating the Holiday as a community be like? Well, just imagine 20 Menorahs all being blessed and lit at the same time or 40 people simultaneously crunching on Matzah (that's got to be awesome!). Truth is, nothing beats chilling outside in the Sukah over lunch - that's the real deal! What are you waiting for, get on the list for the next Holiday celebration at our Chabad House!

'Shul isn't really my thing, plus my kids will never stay quite!' Welcome to The Lessans Family Mommy & Me, a way to feel Jewish outside the walls of the synagogue. Neighborhood holiday and Shabbat programming for young children 0-6 years old to have fun, socialize and learn. All in all, Chabad of Rockville's Mommy & Me is a great way to spend quality time together as a family and meet you're Jewish neighbors! 


Well, it's a Chabad House, it's your house for all things Jewish!

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