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In June 2010, we (Rabbi Moishe Kavka and my wife Esther Kavka) and our two little toddlers relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Rockville Maryland to establish Chabad of Rockville. We were inspired by the life of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory, to bring to Rockville the light, learning, love and laughter of Jewish life. Particularly inspiring was his devotion to meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of Jews the world over by loving them unconditionally and nonjudgmentally and sharing how the joys of Judaism can inform and enhance our everyday lives. So, our work at Chabad of Rockville is dedicated to sharing the richness, excitement and warmth of Judaism and its values, traditions and culture.

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Ten years and five additional children later, Esther and I continue to serve the Jews of Rockville, including visitors and newcomers. Come join us for a delicious, lively Shabbat (Sabbath) Dinner…study with me one-on-one…visit the Pike Jewish Preschool…participate in the Lessen Family Mommy and Me program…let me bring a challah to your aging solitary parent…and feel free to call on us for any service you may need. If we can’t do it personally, we can refer you to who can! Can't wait to meet you!

Rabbi Moishe and Esther Kavka

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